What is Digital Transformation and Why You Can't Ignore It

Digital transformation has been a buzzword for a while now, but in order to grow a successful business and increase your digital presence, it is important not to ignore it.

Covid brought disruption to all industries, changing the way we worked and accelerating the need for technology to support remote working and future proof businesses. To avoid competitors getting ahead of you and taking your share of the market, now is the time to transform your business and let digital transformation elevate it.

But what exactly is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business; resulting in fundamental changes in how a company operates and the value they deliver to their customers. It changes the way a business interacts and communicates internally and externally and increases efficiency and profitability.

A 2019 survey of Directors, CEOs and senior executives found that digital transformation risk was their #1 concern (HBR). The state of business report found that 55% of businesses believe they have less than a year before they start to lose revenue and market share. In comparison, 26% of companies are more profitable after digital transformation (MIT).

The right digital infrastructure not only increases efficiency, customers and revenue, it can also:

  • Generate more leads and improve sales forecasting 
  • Automate your lead generation process and increase the conversion rate 
  • Speed up follow ups and the lead qualifying process 
  • Leverage digital quotations and management via a robust sales CRM 
  • Improve invoices and the tracking of payments with suppliers and customers 
  • Reduce costs and maintain accurate pricing from suppliers 
  • Increase profit margins, whilst enhancing cash flow forecasting 
  • Remove repetitive processes and automate team and client communication 
  • Introduce competent budgeting, resource planning, reporting and onboarding 
  • Enhance customer experience and satisfaction and maximise client retention 
  • Improve scheduling and cost tracking, by updating clients automatically

For example, one of our clients spent £50K per year on postage due to outdated legacy systems and manual processes. With the implementation of a CRM platform (Customer Relationship Management) and the automation of policy sales, this cost was eradicated and customer satisfaction increased. The time saved is now spent on higher-value activities. 

Digital transformation can be perceived as daunting. Not knowing where to start or having the right resources often results with businesses putting it off, or trying and failing. It requires a deep understanding of technology, infrastructure and business processes as well as a project manager, consultants, developers, automation specialists and digital marketing specialists. 

vH3 digital is the solution to these problems. 

We provide a team of specialists who first seek to understand your business processes and the goals you want to achieve. Based on this, we strategise how to transform your business by creating a roadmap for growth and then implement changes using our proven vH3 methodology. 

All for the cost of one full-time specialist hire.

vH3 digital understands that digital transformation spans across sales, marketing and operations. We take a holistic approach, implementing these changes across the whole business; providing the joined-up experience that customers now expect and engaging employees and senior management with data-driven insights and visibility of business performance.

Implementing and maintaining such changes requires a cultural shift in your business. Receiving the right ongoing support and training is paramount to success. Without this key specialist support, many businesses fail with their digital transformation and growth goals. 

vH3 works with you and your team to ensure everyone understands the benefits of the changes and how to use the new technology and processes.

All businesses have an opportunity to transform and grow using technology, automation and systemisation. If you want to make a start, we suggest a first step is to map your business processes. This will give you a good understanding of how your business operates, what manual tasks are carried out and what bottlenecks you currently have. 

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Daniel Smith

With the increasing rate of disruption across all industries, it is not something that you can’t ignore.

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