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Some of the most common questions when considering a TaaS plan

What is a Task?

A task is a single piece of work you require. This could be a new zap, logo, a web page or a process redesign.

What kind of tasks or projects can I request

We categorise requests between tasks and projects.  A task is a simple piece of work that can be done within one working session or in a few days. E.g., creating a landing page design concept or fixing a website issue.

A project is everything that requires planning and multiple working steps and can not be completed in a few days. E.g., redesigning a website with multiple pages or developing a no-code app.Below is the complete list of tasks and projects you can request as part of your subscription.  

Please keep in mind that the mentioned turnaround time is a basic estimate. Some tasks could take only an hour, and we complete a few of your requests in the task queue within one day, but we usually only send you one daily update report at the end of every working day.  

For design concepts, the average turnaround time represents the time we need for the first draft. If you have revision requests, completing these will take another day.

How do I request a new task or project?

Simply submit a request using your form in your account or directly on the Trello Board / App

What platform do you use to manage the tasks & projects?

We use Trello to project manage all your requests and update you about any updates. Once you sign up to TaaS, we will create a task board for you and send you an invite. Trello is free to use but requires an account. If you already use Trello within your company, you can easily switch between our workspaces by clicking on your profile image in the top right corner.

Can we communicate on any other channels such as slack?

No, all your tasks are organized on your task board within Trello. We communicate within the task comments so that everybody knows what we are talking about.We have tried many different ways in the past such as using Slack or MS teams, it's seems intuitive but in reality it's messy and loses context so we stick to the project board for communications.

What is Team as a Service (TaaS)

Team as a Service (or TaaS) is our digital team offering, a simple and scalable flat fee based model that allows you fill the digital skills gap in your company and can help with all things digital.

Team as a Service model offers a cost-effective solution for software development and design work, while also providing the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs and priorities

Find the perfect plan for your business

VH3 Digital plans come with a account manager, professional designer, professional developer, unlimited requests, and revisions, Thats not all - Your own task board to request tasks and projects, you also will get an extended 7 day, 100% money back guarantee.


With a few clicks or a discovery call

Kick Off Meeting

Get to know your new account manager and team

See First Results

A project update or first task within 24 hours

What you get with VH3 Digital

Meet your new team members minus the Recruiting, HR, Operations, and Admin work.

Set up for Efficiency

We are passionate about constantly improving our processes and quality of work. with our methodology being based on best practices, SOPs and experience, we reduce errors and increase output.

Scalable Workforce

Add a new team member to your projects whenever you need more hands. We make sure the additional designer or developer is fully briefed on your brand and work preferences before they start.

Quick Communication

All communications are made on our simple to use project board, everything is in one place attached directly to the task for ease.

Predictable Pricing

Forget project pricing, long scoping exercises and quote revisions.... You just pay a fixed monthly rate for based on the team size you need without any long-term commitment.

No Learning Curve

We want to make working with us feel as natural as possible. We manage all your tasks and projects on our portal. YOu'll have all the resource and expertise you need

IP & Data Security

Working with a global client base requires an extra layer of protection. We use the necessary tools in the background to make sure your sites are safe against hackers and spam.

Fully-Managed Team

Our expert in house teams are well resourced, working closely with you to identify the things that need doing and taking care of the rest!

Full Digital Team

You aren't hiring freelancers, you get an experienced VH3 team with all the required resource and skill to meet your needs. It's as simple as that

Diverse Skill Sets

Digital Transformation calls for many different skills and disciplines, that's why we created TaaS! We know it takes too long too retrain in house teams, we can provide all the skills you need as the requirements change.