TaaS - Optimise Plan

If you are looking to optimise your existing systems, processes and automations then this plan for you. We provide more specialist resources to the team meaning you can move faster.

What’s Included?
2 Active Tasks
2x Monthly Workshop Sessions
2x Designer / Developer Team Member
Upgrade or Downgrade anytime
Additional Team Member Bolt-ons available
Customer Portal Access
Dedicated Project Manager
No Contract, Cancel Anytime
Unlimited Design & Dev Requests
Unlimited Tasks

How does Team as a Service work?

Fundamentally, regardless of your business’s unique needs, any TaaS team should work as an extension of your own team. You can take advantage of their expertise in a number of ways, chiefly though the assembled team of experts will reflect the requirements of your business and will be assembled specifically for that. Whether you require a full-time service, or a few niche skills in key areas, the service and team is designed for your business.

Why don’t I just use my own in-house team?

No business has every skill set or tool they need to accomplish new challenges. Employing a specialised TaaS team when you require it and have the budget for it, enables you to fill the required gaps to upscale and improve your business with an expert team on hand, without having to employ more full-time staff. A dedicated TaaS team provides you with the additional skills and expertise you need and can accelerate the process, hitting targets and getting products and services to market on time, within a designated budget. The team will also provide a fresh set of eyes highlight issues and opportunities that internal teams may overlook.

How do I identify if my company needs Team as a Service?

Many of our clients choose a TaaS team because of a need for a niche skill set that their current team lacks. Others engage us because they need to meet an urgent deadline or have a complex problem that requires an expert team. Predominantly, businesses contract us to save them time and money in delivering a set of services to meet their business goals. Whatever the reasons, TaaS provides extensive benefits, services, skills and ROI for the businesses that use them.

Sometimes our clients don’t require a continuous service and we’ll engage with them on a project by project basis. However, with the ongoing demands businesses face in incorporating digital transformation to scale their businesses, we find more and more clients choose to contract a TaaS team.

Getting started with TaaS?

If you are unsure of your business needs and whether you require a TaaS team, book in a call with one of our system architects today or download our brochure at vh3.digital.

Get started with your new team!

If you are looking to optimise your existing systems, processes and automations then this plan for you. We provide more specialist resources to the team meaning you can move faster.

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Some of the most common questions when considering a TaaS plan

What is Team as a Service (TaaS)

Team as a Service (or TaaS) is our digital team offering, a simple and scalable flat fee based model that allows you fill the digital skills gap in your company and can help with all things digital.

Team as a Service model offers a cost-effective solution for software development and design work, while also providing the flexibility to adjust to changing business needs and priorities

How do I get started?
  • Go to our pricing page and select the plan that works best for you. You can also schedule a call with the team if you have any questions
  • Click the ‘subscribe Now’ button and complete the checkout.
  • Fill out the onboarding questionnaire and request your first task or project.
  • Book a kick-off meeting with our team.  
  • We will create your task board in Trello and invite you and your team members, within 48hrs you will start receiving completed tasks
How Does your Pricing work?

Here is one way to look at it: Imagine you hire a full-time web developer or designer on a monthly salary.  You can request all your tasks and projects, and they will work on all your requests one at a time for as long as the person works for you.

You decide what tasks you delegate to this person or team. Some tasks will be done in 15 mins, and some projects might take multiple months.  The problem is that this one hire has a limited number of skills because nobody is great at everything.

For example, great developers rarely are amazing designers.  With VH3, you have access to a team of designers & developers with various specialties. We take over all your requests and work on them one after the other, while your project manager keeps an eye on everything and ensures the right person gets the job done.

You can add additional team members to your account if you need to work on multiple requests or projects simultaneously. This allows you to scale your design & dev operations up and down every month based on your current workload.  You pay us monthly flat rates. Clear and simple, no long contracts or hidden fees!

How do I pay for the subscription?

You can sign up on our website for the monthly plan of your choice using your credit/debit card or via Direct Debit.

We will charge your chosen payment method on the same day of every month automatically. However, you will receive a reminder email that the next payment comes up three days before the next renewal.

What is a request?

A request is anything that you want us to do for you. It can be a small tech task or a more complex website redesign or integration project.

For example:

  • Setting up a new Zap
  • A new webpage
  • An integration or customisation
  • Setting up a CRM or email marking system
  • Building an online store
  • Implementing a new payment provider
  • Logo redesign
  • Sales and marketing collateral like blog or social media posts
Can I pause my subscription?

Yes, you can pause for up to 2 weeks. This is because sometimes your request list may be exhausted for you may need to wait for a key stakeholder, someone to return from leave or 3rd party before you can proceed.

Find the perfect plan for your business

vH3 Digital plans come with a account manager, professional designer, professional developer, unlimited requests, and revisions, Thats not all - Your own task board to request tasks and projects, you also will get an extended 7 day, 100% money back guarantee.


With a few clicks or a discovery call

Kick Off Meeting

Get to know your new account manager and team

See First Results

A project update or first task within 24 hours

What you get with VH3 Digital

Meet your new team members minus the Recruiting, HR, Operations, and Admin work.

Trained for Efficiency

We are passionate about constantly improving our processes and quality of work. with our methodology being based on best practices, SOPs and experience, we reduce errors and increase output.

Scalable Workforce

Add a new team member to your projects whenever you need more hands. We make sure the additional designer or developer is fully briefed on your brand and work preferences before they start.

Quick Communication

All communications are made on our simple to use project board, everything is in one place attached directly to the task for ease.

Predictable Pricing

Forget project pricing, long scoping exercises and quote revisions.... You just pay a fixed monthly rate for based on the team size you need without any long-term commitment.

No Learning Curve

We want to make working with us feel as natural as possible. We manage all your tasks and projects on Trello, it's so simple!

IP & Data Security

Working with a global client base requires an extra layer of protection. We use the necessary tools in the background to make sure your sites are safe against hackers and spam.

Fully-Managed Team

We take care of replacing poor performing staff, talent training, team integration and project management. The bigger the team, the more responsibilities.. that's one less thing for you to worry about

Flexible Skill Sets

Digital Transformation calls for many different skills and disciplines, that's why we created TaaS! We know it takes too long too retrain in house teams, we can provide all the skills you need as the requirements change.

Dedicated Project Manager

To ensure your team fits right in we provide a dedicated Project Manager who oversees the whole account and all the members. Well managed projects reach completion faster!