How will Pipedrive’s CRM solution help me improve sales?

Pipedrive’s visual sales pipeline makes customer relationship management a breeze by allowing you to track leads, spot opportunities, measure key activities, streamline sales workflows and focus on sales success.

Automated reminders and follow-ups increase your productivity, eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Real-time reports show your sales reps and sales managers what business processes to prioritize.

Our customers average 28% more deals in their first year.

Will Pipedrive work for a big team?

Yes! Pipedrive’s CRM platform is well-suited for small businesses and enterprise organizations alike.

We empower your large sales team to be more effective when it comes to customer interactions with CRM features like a progress tracker, sales automation, procession forecasting, an activity-based planner and top security.

Large teams also benefit from a dedicated account manager whose role is to help make the most out of your Pipedrive account and help you with the onboarding of team members and best practices for pipeline management.

Many of our enterprise customers have increased new accounts by double-digits while seeing revenue soar by over 40%.

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